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2020 new beginnings

Hello and welcome to my first blog where i thought i'd introduce myself and explain why i set up The Floral Adventure. 

In 2019 I visited Amsterdam and had such an  amazing time at Keukenhof gardens. (see photo), I came back wanting to share my passion for flowers and started to think of a way to do that. So when 2020 was fast approaching I decided this was the time for new beginnings and a change.


I took the plunge and set up The Floral Adventure to teach others floristry and plant workshops. As a florist it's something i've been contemplating for a while now.  I believe that learning with others and meeting new people (dont forget the tea and biscuits!) is a fun relaxing way to get creative for an afternoon or evening.

I realised whilst i was in  Amsterdam that the time that i was happiest in my life was using plants and floristry as a therapeutic balance in my life. That feeling of triumph when your seeds you sowed pop up or a customer says they received the most beautiful flowers ever.

So the name The Floral Adventure reflects that we are forever learning and who knows where are journeys will take us.

Liz Maggs 1st 2020February 


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